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Female Pubic Hair - What is Your Style?

Female pubic hair can be short and curly, or long and straight. It can grow in an upside down triangle, or in an oblong shape. It usually extends out to the inner thighs.

At least starting out ...

Because today's latest research reveals that once young females begin noticing pubic hair growth, they start thinking about what to do with it.

While the onset of female pubic hair growth is an exciting experience for most because it's a sign of becoming a woman, there are some young females who are not happy about seeing pubic hair. Reasons range from these females subconsciously not wanting to grow up to them believing that pubic hair is somehow unclean and makes them feel dirty.

It's known that a small percentage of young females begin completely removing their pubic hair as soon as it appears. It's also known that a higher percentage of females do not remove their pubic hair until their later years, if at all.

Generally, the most female pubic hair is removed is at the top of the inner thighs, known as the bikini line area. Along with removing under arm and leg hair, females of the general population remove this pubic hair during warmer months to be able to confidently wear a bathing suit. Other females such as athletes, models, dancers and any others who perform in public remove this pubic hair year round.

A variety of methods are used to remove female pubic hair at the bikini lines. Everything from shaving, depilatories, waxing, electrolysis to laser treatments.

Then we have an ever growing percentage of females who take removing bikini lines a bit further ... Those who have a little fun with their pubic hair by forming the edges of their bikini lines into different shapes and designs.

Now we're talking about female pubic hair styling.

There's no real need for female pubic hair. In fact, it's more hygienic to remove the hair. So why not do a little styling?

Pubic hair styling can make a difference to a young female. It can help her become comfortable with this new hair growth.

The styling of female pubic hair is often influenced by some form of media or perhaps, a partner. A novel way for a female to show she cares is styling her pubic hair into her partner's initials. And just including a partner in the styling of her pubic hair might add a new dimension to her sex life ...

Styling female pubic hair is advanced personal grooming. And this is the message that comes across to a partner.

Whatever a female chooses to do with her pubic hair, she should make sure it's comfortable for her, as well as pleasing to her partner.


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Below is a list of creative styles for female pubic hair that are most popular. Some are very easy and others will take a little artistic talent. Consider that just like a regular head hair style, female pubic hair styling can be easy or less easy to maintain.

  • Bar Code

  • Landing Strip

  • Target - part of bulls eye

  • Downward Triangle

  • Upward Triangle

  • Butterfly

  • Square

  • Radioactive Sign

  • Diamond - Especially popular after an engagement

  • Happy Face

  • Heart - Especially popular around Valentine's Day

  • Lighting Bolt

  • Daisy

  • Holiday Shapes

  • Star

  • Hair Pi

  • Chili Pepper

  • Large Arrow

  • Check Mark

  • Welcome - HI!

  • X

  • Tear Drop

  • Exclamation Point

  • V

  • Over Here, Stupid = Two small arrows pointing down

See what other styles you can come up with for your female pubic hair. Let your creative side come out. Even if you mess up, no one but you, (and your partner), will know. It's not like getting a bad head hair cut that everyone can see. So why not have fun with your pubic hair?

Some females might rather pay to have someone do their pubic hair styling every few weeks. Styling female pubic hair has become a notable development in hairdressing. There are more and more salons that offer pubic hair coloring, styling or complete removal.

There's a lot of fun in styling female pubic hair. Part of it is the knowing that while you may be dressed very properly for business, you've got a lightning bolt down under.

If you believe it might even be true that how your pubic hair is styled says something about you and your sensuality, what do YOU want to say?

It's really not hard to style female pubic hair with the right tools. Do a little research of your own so you too can be stylin'.


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