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Highlight Your Penis with Hair Removal

The hair a man's pubic removal techniques deal with may be among the most difficult of all body hair removal situations.

The hair in a man's pubic area is curly and grows in many directions, making removal more difficult. Men's pubic hair can grow not only on the pubic, "bush", area, but on the penis, the scrotum, the area between the scrotum and the anus, and the insides of thighs and buttock cheeks as well.

Talk about sensitive skin! Talk about a moving target when it's touched. The situation requires thought, preparation, the right tools and some special skill. If you choose to let someone else do the hair removal for you, it also takes a serious level of trust.

Not all men remove pubic hair, but many do. One main benefit cited was that removing pubic hair makes a man's penis appear larger and more dramatic.

Some men polled say being hairy is to show they are, "manly." Other men report improved sexual intimacy once they removed pubic hair. They point out the area is soft, smooth, sensual and inviting to touch from their partner. Several men reported more frequent oral sex encounters after pubic hair was removed.

Many men prefer to simply perform a tidy pubic area trim. In this way, they avoid the itchiness of regrowth and the irritation of ingrown hairs. You should consider the overall level of hair growth on the rest of your body. If you have a heavy pelt of back, chest, stomach and leg hair which you do not remove, a bare pubic area will definitely be an attention grabber. Only you can decide.

The most common hair removal method for a man's pubic area is shaving. That is certainly not the only alternative. It is, however, probably the least painful and least expensive. The main negative for men's pubic hair removal by shaving is that you will need to do it quite frequently.

Another alternative is waxing. Waxing is especially appropriate for the man who is looking for more limited pubic area hair removal. If you wear a thong or bikini style, you may want to consider waxing your bikini line hair.

Waxing is relatively inexpensive. A technician applies warm wax to the area and then places a strip of cloth on the wax. When the wax cools, a firm hand yanks the wax away, ripping your hairs out by the roots. It is quite painful. After the first pain, you will have to endure numerous other waxed areas and painful yanks before the technician has removed all the unwanted hair.

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Waxing is not a good hair removal technique to choose for penis or scrotum.

On the plus side, hair removed by waxing will not grow back for about four weeks. For a man who is performing hair removal by shaving, this can be a major benefit.

For shaving a man's pubic hair, an electric foil razor is a good choice. Men report rotary shavers with three circle blades cause more irritation and problems with the delicate skin in a man's pubic region.

Some men's electric shavers will dispense shaving gel and can be used in the shower or with water. Do not use a standard electric razor in water. Look for the, "wet/dry", indicator on the label. Can you imagine getting an electric shock while shaving, "down there"? Not a good idea.

You can also use a wet blade razor to remove pubic hair. Make sure you look for a compact model. Get a man's razor with extra cushions and guards to protect the skin from the blade. Always use a brand new, sharp blade. Dull blades cause red bumps and skin irritation.

Wait at least a half hour from when you get up to allow your body to reabsorb the fluids that collect under the skin, removing the slight skin puffiness. A hot shower or bath will soften the hair and make it easier to cut.

Some electric shavers, especially the new ones designed especially for body and pubic hair removal work best on dry skin. Adjust your hair removal planning for the technique you are using.

It is well worth your while to do a little research on these new, "specialty", body hair removal shavers. There are models which are completely painless and designed to prevent any hint of a nick or cut or skin irritation. Manufacturers designed them especially for pubic hair removal. You're going to maintain the area every day. You deserve the best tools.

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